Who We Are

Eli Bay is one of the pioneers who helped introduce self-healing skills into our stress-filled North American culture. Starting in 1978, he opened the first Stress Management listing in Toronto’s Yellow Pages Directory and began empowering people to regulate their bodies and minds with simple and practical techniques.

He has been able to teach his experiential methods to many tens of thousands of people in courses through The Relaxation Response Institute in Toronto and though corporate and government programs in Canada and around the world.

His clients have included dozens of organizations including Microsoft, Apple, IBM, CIBC, TD Bank America, Aetna, The Canadian Space Agency, The Ontario Government, and two television series featuring his work, Well Being and Beyond Stress, have been shown globally on public television channels for more than 20 years.

His “mellifluous” voice has made his audiovisual resources particularly effective and they have been recommended and sold by many, including Superlearning Corp, Nightingale-Conant – distributors of the world’s best personal development resources, and TV Ontario. His work has been recommended in many books including, Superlearning 2000 (Ostrander), Healthier Workers (Shain), Eat to Live (Fuhrman)

Eli, now semi-retired, lives with his wife in King City, ON, just north of Toronto, Canada. Knowing how these methods have helped so many people, he felt a compulsion to share them with whoever wanted or needed assistance in coping with the pandemic and its aftermath.

Thanks to the goodwill of Dan Lang, Eli’s business partner, copyrighted materials were generously contributed by The Resilient Living Corp. www.resilientliving.ca

For information about Eli Bay and his work, writings, stress tests, go to www.elibay.com