Spiral Tranquility

Spiral Tranquility has two stages – Total 44 Minutes

Stage One teaches how to do the Spiral Relaxation on your own — 21 minutes. Once learned by heart, you need not do this first stage again.

In Stage Two you perform the Spiral Relaxation by memory and then you are guided into Tranquility – 23 minutes

For subsequent sessions of Spiral Tranquility, move the cursor on the video to the 21:20 and begin the 23 minute Stage Two. For the first five minutes you do the Spiral Relaxation by memory. You are then led to focus your attention on places in your body and to imagine a “space” in each. This exercise is called Imagine A Space.

Imagine A Space quiets the mind, induces the release of muscle tension and will take you into a deep state of relaxation.

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