How To Use

“To tell others to relax and not to show them how, is like telling them to till a field and not supply a plow.” anonymous

Each Experience on this site can stand alone or be part of a learning process to rehabilitate many of your unhealthy stress patterns.

You can do one Experience over and over or take advantage of the variety of Experiences. All are focused on delivering a stress-free state and by learning the different techniques will you will become empowered to more skillfully manage your stress reactions on your own, without external guidance, for the rest of your life.

Doing the various Experiences offers you a pathway to develop an uncommon “body knowledge” of stress release and creates a capability for exceptional inner control.

All sessions work but expect that you may find that some processes work better for you than others. Consistent practice is key to skill development. Do at least four or more experiences a week for at least a month to six weeks. This can transfer “the let go” experience directly into your body.

To get the most out of the resources, please start with the Foundational Programs and then explore the Developmental Programs.

Please Note: For some, these exercises may induce strong emotions. Stop if you feel uncomfortable. If you are dealing with an emotional or mental disorder, you are advised to use the Experiences under the guidance of your physician or therapist.