Why should you invest your time doing these specific exercises? Because it produces real value.

Research data backed by peer review of 2700 people who had been doing Eli’s exercises for just four weeks showed:

  • The number of participants who reported “difficulty in handling stress” dropped from 75% to 17%

On a 1 -10 scale:

  • The median of the reported “ability to handle stress” went from Pre: 4.3 to Post: 7.5
  • The median of the reported “ability to relax” went from Pre: 3.8 to Post: 7.6

Change in % for those who reported significant suffering from a sample of symptoms:

Tension headaches Pre: 35% Post: 13%
Migraine headaches Pre: 13% Post: 5%
Insomnia Pre: 44% Post: 18%
Depression Pre: 38% Post: 14%
Feeling blocked/trapped Pre: 46% Post:19%
Anger/irritability Pre: 38% Post: 14%
Digestive issues Pre: 31% Post: 14%
Restlessness Pre: 44% Post: 16%
Lower back pain Pre: 35% Post: 16%
Menstrual difficulties Pre: 15% Post: 7%


Comments from an Executive of The Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada CIBC:

“Eli Bay’s program for stress resilience has been delivered to several hundred CIBC employees over the past few years with outstanding results. In fact, I am not aware of any employee development program where we have received more positive feedback from participants.

We made the program available to help employees deal with the stress, complexity and time pressures in their lives. Our goal was to help employees manage their lives more effectively, and in turn be more productive in their careers.

Based on the feedback we have collected, I believe the program achieves these objectives. We did a professional, objective analysis of the effects of the program on many dimensions. The following are some of the findings:

  • More than 75% of the employees who were experiencing physical/mental problems like tension, back pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chest pain experienced significant improvement.
  • Employees in general reported improvements in their moods, outlook on life, “ability to cope”, and general well-being.

I have no hesitation in concluding that Mr. Bay’s program added real value to the lives of our employees who participated.”

Mike Pedersen, Senior Executive Vice President, CIBC

Excepts of a letter to Eli Bay from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Leena Tomi of the CSA Space Medicine Group was able to familiarize herself with your training and wrote a memo recommending the training for the Canadian astronauts …

“You will surely find it interesting that self-regulatory training is now considered important by all the space agencies participating in the International Space Station (ISS) Program …

‘Managing stress’ is part of recommended training in Self-care and Self-management for the ISS ….”

Benoit Marcotte, Director General, Operations, Canadian Space Agency, Dec. 22, 2008